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How to use essential oils to make “love perfume”?

From ancient times to the present, love has brought people a beautiful and subtle feeling. Therefore, people are full of unlimited reverie and yearning for love. How can this feeling of happiness be preserved for a long time? Today we introduce to you several love perfumes formulated with essential oils. Let these love perfumes arouse your enthusiasm and bring you a different experience.
There are three steps to perfume: first , middle and basic scent. If you compare the change of aroma to a love song:
First taste: It's like the passion of men and women at the first time of they fall in love. They are usually the most volatile ingredients, they will evaporate the fastest, so they are the first scent you smell. (The fastest volatile)
Middle taste (theme): It seems to be the growth of love between men and women.The middle will taste appear after the first taste slowly evaporating. (The volatilization speed queue the second)
Basic taste: It's like this love relationship lasts forever. The middle flavour gradually evaporates. (The slowest volatilization speed)

The following are the ingredients of essential oils in perfumes for men and women:
Women's perfume:
Basic flavors: essential oils such as cedar, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, sandalwood, etc.
Median: ginger, jasmine, lemongrass, marjoram, orange blossom, sage, geranium, rose, thyme, ylang-ylang and other essential oils.
First taste: marjoram, orange blossom, rosewood, basil, bergamot, juniper, lavender, lemon, mint and other essential oils.
Male perfume:
Basic flavor: frankincense, myrrh, cedar, sandalwood and other essential oils.
Median: Myrrh, patchouli, basil, fennel, ginger, jasmine, orange, marjoram, orange blossom, rosewood, rosemary, clove, juniper, lavender, mint, sage, geranium, rose, Essential oils such as thyme and ylang-ylang.
First taste: bergamot, sage, juniper, lemon, orange, mint and other essential oils.
From the above ingredient information, we can see that feminine essential oils also play an important role in male perfume. The main difference between male and female perfumes lies in the ingredients and dosage. Therefore, if you want to make a perfectly suitable perfume, you need to keep trying. Maybe you can try a priceless perfume formula!

Recommended "Essential Oil DIY Perfume" formula:
Reiki perfume: 10 drops of lemon + 10 drops of bergamot + 20 drops of frankincense + 4 drops of rosewood
Romantic lover: 4 drops of rose + 12 drops of sandalwood + 2 drops of geranium + 2 drops of rosewood
Carnival: 8 drops of bergamot + 8 drops of geranium + 4 drops of orange blossom
Mystery journey: 6 drops of patchouli + 4 drops of sandalwood + 4 drops of ylang-ylang + 4 drops of rose + 2 drops of jasmine
Fragrant Beauty: 5 drops of rose + 5 drops of rosewood + 5 drops of orange blossom + 5 drops of cedar
Love of Love: 10 drops of bergamot + 10 drops of geranium + 10 drops of patchouli
Green House Magic Love: 10 drops of bergamot + 4 drops of rosewood + 5 drops of cedar (cedar) + 1 drop of lemongrass
Refreshing: 10 drops of geranium + 10 drops of orange + 10ml of jojoba oil
Invigorate the spirit: 10 drops of rosewood + 10 drops of bitter orange leaf + 10ml of jojoba oil
Calm and soothe the mind: 10 drops of sandalwood + 10 drops of lavender + 20ml of jojoba oil
Keep watch love: 5 drops of rose, 3 drops of sandalwood, 2 drops of lavender
A sweet life: 3 drops of sweet orange, 4 drops of pelargonium, 3 drops of rose
Blue Enchantress: 4 drops of Elan, 3 drops of orange blossom, 2 drops of lavender
Romantic feelings: 5 drops of jasmine, 3 drops of sandalwood, 2 drops of lavender

When blending, add the above essential oil to 70ml of pure alcohol, gently stir for 3 minutes to make it fully mixed and put it into a dark glass bottle, add 30ml of distilled water for 48 hours, gently stir for 3 minutes, and leave it for another 48 hours, and it's done !
If you want the fragrance to last longer, add distilled water in the last step and leave it for 4-6 weeks. If the fragrance is too heavy, add a proper amount of distilled water until you are satisfied.